Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Collaborative Couple?

I wanted to give a little background to why my blog is named "Collaborative Couple". I began teaching 5th grade in '99 and continued teaching until '04. During that time my husband, Derek, and I were lucky enough to have a baby girl join our family, my husband graduated with a degree in horticulture, then he chose to go back to school and pursue his true love- which is teaching, and then we had a baby boy join our family. I was lucky enough to be able to leave teaching when our boy was born and my husband actually took my job teaching 6th grade (how lucky we were)! After being home for a few years I really missed teaching and chose to go back part-time as a computer specialist.  I went back to the school I had previously left and that my husband was teaching at- what a great time! To make a long story short- things have changed and I am now teaching 6th grade at a different school (which I absolutely love) and my husband went back to school to get his administrative license and is currently an assistant principal at two elementary schools. Between the two of us we have been in the classroom for about 20 years. We love to share ideas and help one another out- "Two brains are better than one!"

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