Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School (Unofficially)

I really don't have to be back to work until tomorrow, but what teacher can be completely prepared in two day (which is all we are required to do)? I know I can't- so I've been in and out the last couple of weeks. I'm super excited for a new school year, but one thing kept bringing me down- my bulletin board. I am not the most creative person and so I always struggle with ideas. Who doesn't want the cutest bulletin board on Back to School morning?!? Then I had an IDEA :)

This was my bulletin board that a mom did last year for Teacher Appreciation Week. I LOVED IT!
So....why not just ask if she would like to create another board for me (even though I don't have her child this year)? And....she said YES!! I was so excited. I told her to have it done by the first day of school and I trusted her to make it fabulous once again.
This is what it looked like the first time I saw it. What was it going to be? The apple was amazingly cute and all...but I was in the dark.

Well she didn't let me down! It's another WINNER!


Thank you to the Mower/Miller duo for the outstanding bulletin board (that I didn't have to do)! How lucky I am to have such great friends!

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